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The wet dripping umbrellas can be a big reason for slip fall in the commercial areas during rains or snows. In the earlier times, only the little buckets were incorporated in the required areas to keep the dripping umbrellas, but it has completely gone out of fashion in recent times. Slip-Less is one of the best and the most trusted company in your region that offers the wet umbrella wrapping machine Sydney to solve your worries of dripping umbrellas. We offer solutions for businesses to help you avert wet floors on snowy or rainy days. Our wet umbrella wrapping machine Sydney automatically wraps the umbrellas during the wet days saving you maintenance and labour costs and increases the safety for your clients, visitors, and employees.

What are the benefits of the Umbrella Wrapping Machine Sydney?

The Slip-Less wet umbrella wrapping machine Sydney is one of the most amazing tools to ensure cleanliness and safety in your commercial space. It is very beneficial for the dripping umbrellas with a wrapping time of just 1.5 seconds automatically. It ensures that your merchandise or upholstery remain safe and not damaged due to the wet clothes or dripping water from the umbrella.  The wet umbrella wrapping machine Sydney prevents the floor from getting slippery and wet and thus, averts any accidents. The snowy, rainy and wet days can create too much inconvenience for the customers. Our wet umbrella wrapping machine has two chutes that cover your umbrella with recyclable polybag when you insert it in one of the troughs.

The wet umbrella wrapping machine Sydney is one of the most effective tools, yet reasonably priced. It is very simple to use and save your money in the business. Add this tool to your business and increase efficiency and productivity of your business.

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