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The rainy and the snowy season can take a toll on your employee’s health. One of the reasons for absence from the office can be a slip and fall on the dripping water from the umbrella during snow or rains. This will not only hurt your employees but also hamper the work in the office, decreasing the productivity of the workforce and deterring your business efficiency. Slip-Less is one of the most reliable wet umbrella wrapping machine Canberra providers who understand the importance and need of this tool in every commercial organisation. Adding the umbrella wrapping machine to your space can prevent slip and fall due to the slippery floors.

How can an umbrella wrapping machine be helpful for your business?

Slip-Less is the wet umbrella wrapping machine Canberra providers and can highlight why you should need one in your commercial space. It upturns OH&S by decreasing slip and fall hazards. The wet umbrella wrapping machine comes in a range of colours to suit any entrance décor. It averts the incoming clients and staffs entering your office from dripping water from their wet umbrellas on the floor. The polybags used to wrap the umbrellas are recyclable and completely safe for the environment. It prevents your furniture and merchandise from getting damaged by the dripping water.

All such reasons make the wet umbrella wrapping machine Canberra, one of the must-haves in every commercial space. Slip-Less offer high quality and compact umbrella wrapping machine that takes very little space and also easy to take around. You don’t need to mop the floors constantly during the wet seasons. And most importantly the wet umbrella wrapping machines don’t need any electricity to work which makes this tool more efficient.

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