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The umbrella wrapping machines are a great inclusion in every office or commercial spaces. It offers the ultimate solution for the businesses to help avert the floors from getting wet on rainy days. We are the leading wet umbrellas wrapping machine Brisbane provider, offering trustworthy products for over 10 years. Our umbrella wrapping machines mechanically wrap the umbrellas with waterproof biodegradable umbrella bags when you inserted your umbrella in one of the two chutes on the wet days. It helps the businesses maintain great OH&S standard, the safety of their visitors and saves on cleaning maintenance costs.

Why do the business needs Wet Umbrellas Wrapping Machines?

Brisbane, with a sub-tropical climate, usually warm and rains are common during the summer season. When you wet your office floor with a wet umbrella due to the prolific thundershowers, it can cause major accidents and OH&S concerns. The water droplets from the umbrella make the floor slippery, causing anyone to slip and fall easily. We understand the effect of such tricky situations and offers the wet umbrellas wrapping machine Brisbane that can protect you as well as your merchandises from dangerous of wet floors.

Features of the Wet Umbrellas Wrapping Machines

The wet umbrellas wrapping machines Brisbane are the ideal tools that understand the OH&S concerns that business owners are facing as well as the inconveniences faced by the people on rainy and wet days. It reduces maintenance and labour cost of the businesses by increasing safety and preventing accidents. You need not worry about water damages to your office flooring or merchandises when the wet umbrellas wrapping machines Brisbane are available at your entrances.  It only takes seconds to wrap the wet umbrellas automatically.

All our wet umbrella wrapping machines are economically priced and offer the most effective solution when it comes to instantly wrapping the wet umbrellas in the biodegradable umbrella bags. Order from our online shop now and we will preload the wet umbrellas wrapping machine with our market first bio-degradable umbrella bags so that you can unpack and ready to use.

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