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Have you ever thought about how the situation would be if your guests slip and fall at the entrance while visiting you or while entering a shopping complex? It will be a dangerous situation and also hurt the people very badly. Slip and fall due to water can be one of the most painful ones. Addition of wet umbrella wrapping machine Adelaide commercial spaces can prevent slip accidents caused by the dripping waters from the rains. So, why not install one in your space that can ensure the safety of the people? Slip-Less is one of the best providers of wet umbrella wrapping machines in Adelaide.

Features of the Wet Umbrella Wrapping Machine Adelaide

  • The wet umbrella wrapping machine Adelaide reduces your business maintenance and labour
  • It prevents accidents and increases safety.
  • Damage of merchandises from water is prevented.
  • In just 1.5 seconds wet umbrella wrapping machine Adelaide wraps wet umbrellas.
  • It prevents slippery and wet floors.
  • It is a convenient option for the customers and staffs.
  • The wet umbrella wrapping machine Adelaide automatically wraps your wet umbrella.
  • Keep your lobbies dry and safe.
  • All size umbrellas fit into the wrapper machine.
Why Choose Slip-Less

Slip-Less prides on having the widest range of wet umbrella wrapping machine Adelaide with no compromise on quality. We are local wet umbrella wrapping machine supplier in Adelaide. The polybags used in our wet umbrella wrapping machines are biodegradable and prevents OH&S risks and liability. You can find a range of products on our site to choose as per your décor and requirements. Our products are durable, sleek, and of superior quality.

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