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Knight Frank

David Brown

Operations Manager

Knight Frank Allianz Building

We consider the Slipless Duel chute Umbrella station to be a fantastic product reducing potential risk hazards in our lobby during rainy periods. Its unique capacity to handle 2000 bags per fill is and the ability to accept all types of umbrellas has proven itself as a valuable resource to our tenants and visitors. It is my pleasure to recommend Slipless Services and the new Umbrella Bagging Station to all property managers.


Adam Alexander

Operations Manager

Jones Lang Lassalle

Wet periods have always been a problem at our entries when people entered the building dripping water through their wet umbrellas on our terrazzo floor. The potential risk for a slip and fall was always present not to mention the constant maintenance needed to maintain the entry area taking up productive cleaning hours. The introduction of the new duel chute umbrella bagging machine has been a well appreciated and welcomed concept delivering to its potential and solving the wet umbrella problem. Thank You Slipless Services as you have my recommendation and endorsement.
St George Leagues Club

Kim Finnigan

Operations Manager

St George Leagues Club

We have been using Slipless Services for our Wet Umbrella Bagging Machine Service for over 10 years. They have always provided our club with a high level of dedicated service meeting our requirements at all times. We have recently been upgraded with the NEW TWIN CHUTE Umbrella Station which has proven to be well appreciated by all of our customer who find it user friendly and a great customer service reducing slip hazards and maintenance at the entry when it rains.


Mark Trevithick

Facilities Manager

ISS 50 Bridge St

We have 3 (one at each entry) of the New Duel chute Stainless Steel Umbrella Machines which present really well to match our décor. Since we have implemented the Slipless Units, we have significantly reduced the amount of water entering the building on wet days, making a significant impact on our OH& S practices. We constantly receive positive feedback by patrons, visitors and the tenants of our building.

nsw parliament icon

Peter King

Facilities Manager

Parliament House

We have been using the Slipless Umbrella Station at Parliament House for some time as a slip preventative and customer service initiative with great success. It has achieved the result we anticipated and is a well appreciated system by all users. The New Duel chute system is very attractive and user friendly and outperforms the single mechanical system we had here before. We have opted to use the Slipless Service Program for convenience and efficiency for our building and Slipless Services has delivered consistently throughout our business relationship.

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