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Our Wet Umbrella Bagging Station can be purchased with a Comprehensive Service Program

From as little as $2.75 per day per machine

Service Program Locations:     – Sydney (at this point in time)

Under the Service Program Purchase, we supply and look after the machine by sending a Service Technician that will visit your site on a Pre Programmed Service Schedule.

This program is designed for customers who wish to alleviate the worries & hassles of maintaining the Wet Umbrella Wrapping Machines at maximum performance or having to purchase bags throughout the duration of the service period as umbrella bags and the maintenance is all included in the annual service fee.

It is based around an annual fee which includes the following:

  • Supply & Installation of the Wet Umbrella Bagging Station of your choice
    You can choose any model from our range to be included in the program
  • Supply and filling of our Biodegradable Polybags for the duration of the agreement
    Our technician will fill the machines to the capacity of 1000 per chute on each service
  • Full detail maintenance & through clean of the machine will carried out on each service
    This includes, changing of labels and parts ensuring maximum presentation and performance
  • Comprehensive Repair and Replacement Warranty of the Wet Umbrella Bagging Station
    Under this program, we ensure that the machine is in peak condition and performance
  • We monitor wet periods and apply a service either after or during the wet period
    By doing this, we maximise the value of the concept and ensure that your unit is fully stocked when needed as it sometimes doesn’t rain for long periods.
  • Number of Services we offer is 4 to 6 services including your install and subject to demand
    The minimum visits per annum is 4 though we will service to a maximum of 6 when needed
  • Biodegradable Polybag allocations per machine is 10,000 maximum umbrella bags per P.A.
    This can be made up of either small bags or large bags and is subject to the sites usage needs
  • Spare Biodegradable Polybags are supplied upon installation for in between service
    When the machine is delivered we will supply the site with 1000 small and 1000 large polybags. These can be used as emergency stock in the event of a heavy downpour instead of using up a service schedule. All inclusive of the annual fee.
  • Purchase of additional Biodegradable Umbrella Bags above the 10,000 pieces allocation
    In very heavy wet periods, additional umbrella bags can be purchased at discounted service customer rates to heavy volume sites in lieu of exhausting the allocated service calls
  • Term of the Service Program is 36 months minimum period per each machine
    After the 36 month period, we would systematically upgrade your machines on site

Efficient, Reliable and Fully Managed

Keeps your machine in Peak Condition

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