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Wet Umbrella Wrapping Machine – Steel – Charcoal


Limited Special Offer

ORDER NOW and receive FREE cartons of 1000 pcs of large + 1000 pcs of small Biodegradable Umbrella Bags, valued at $195.00 for FreeSimply unpack it and locate it in your entry.


Wet Umbrella Wrapping Machine

The Slipless Dual Chute station is a Wet Umbrella Wrapping Machine designed to handle both compact & large wet umbrellas. Extra large capacity of 2000 uses per load of wet umbrella bags.

Less Water On Floors = Less Risk Hazard

  • The wet umbrella bagging machine quickly and conveniently bags wet umbrellas
  • Reduces slippery floor conditions during wet periods
  • Reduces potential damages to carpets, fixtures & fitting
  • Reduce floor maintenance during wet periods
  • Increases customer satisfaction by solving the “wet umbrella problem.”
  • Potentially reduces liability claims arising from slips & falls due to wet floors

The Wet Umbrella Wrapping Machine is an economical solution to a major OH&S problem during wet periods. No power is required; locate it near the entrance, and it is ready for use)

Slipless is the leader in supplying Wet Umbrella Wrapper Machines in Australia. This product is also known as a Wet Umbrella Wrapping Machine, Umbrella Bagger, Umbrella Machine, and Wet Umbrella wrapper.

Product Details

Loading: 1,000 Biodegradable bags x 2
Bags: Model OB (long) & OBs (short)
Packing: Each Unit to the Master Carton
Carton Size: 40cm x 46cm x 85cm (0.156 Cbm)
Gross Weight: 19.5 Kgs
Measure Weight: 31.3 Kgs

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